Maine’s Inaugural PoutineFest

Maine’s Inaugural PoutineFest
June 14, 2024

What is poutine? In a word: Phenomenal. A bed of crispy fries, the perfect texture of cheese curds, rich, flavorful gravy…and however Maine’s top poutine chefs dress up this French-Canadian classic at PoutineFest – the largest poutine festival in the nation – coming to Portland’s Thompson’s Point on September 14th!

PoutineFest tickets are SOLD OUT already, crazy good and delicious…but you can join a waiting list for tickets.

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Maine PoutineFest – Where Gravy Meets Greatness: A Curd Above the Rest!

Maine PoutineFest on September 14th at Thompson’s Point is sponsored by Lee Honda on Center Street in Auburn or Lee Honda dot com. That’s Lee Honda dot com.

Also brought to you by Nonesuch River Brewing.