Hey I'm Shelby! Happy to be here fulfilling all your rock needs Monday - Friday from 10am to 3pm. I got my start in radio 22 years ago in New Hampshire. After a few years there I moved on to various stations in Boston and PA. After a quick stint back in New Hampshire last year I'm happy to find myself here with you at 106.3 The Bone. I'm a big fan of concerts and shows so, we just might bump into each other rockin' out. I come from a family of rockers, kids and husband. Music has always been a huge part of our lives and most of us are musicians ourselves. It's great to meet you and thanks for letting me entertain you daily! Volume all the way up!

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Andy Austin

Thanks for checking out the page! While I’ve spent a decent chunk of my life inside this great state, I’ve also moved around enough to understand WHY Maine is the best place to live. Most people will point out the mountains, people, food, seasons, and they’re all correct. Maine can present challenges, but if you find something you love to do in each season, you’ll never be bored. I’m an avid road cyclist, music nerd, vinyl collector, local short track racing enthusiast, and serve as President of Maine Vintage Race Car Association. I also host a racing history podcast called The Open Trailer Podcast.

Let’s connect:

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Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson has been all over the dial on Portland radio since 2005, doing everything from weekends and overnights in various formats to news anchoring and traffic reporting. An obsessive music fan from a very young age, Rick especially loves all things rock n' roll, and feels most at home DJing in a rock format.

When he's not on the radio, Rick spends his free time crawling through the bins at local record shops looking for classic and rare vinyl (all while trying to convince his wife that 2000+ records isn't NEARLY enough). When prompted, he will gladly explain to anybody who will listen why Black Sabbath is the most underrated band in the history of rock (please, don't prompt him).

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Adam Rondeau

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Hello! I'm Mike Haze! A Western Mass native whose been doing the radio gig for just about 23 years.
A 1998 Grad from CSB
I'm also a voiceover/actor for the past 14 years and running. A 10-year veteran of the USAF. Tours to include "Desert Storm", "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and "Operation New dawn".
I am a self-proclaimed "music dweeb". I was also "that kid" who had various band stints growing up.
Upon graduating CSB in 1998 I was the host and producer of TWO shows in Northampton/Springfield Mass. @Pure Rock 993 called "The Big Bang Music Explosion" and Operation New Noise with the former show being the conduit for breaking area bands like Shadows Fall, Staind, All That Remains, and literally hundreds of others.
I "migrated" in 2012 to New Hampshire after my honorable discharge from the service and did some time doling up the Rock (afternoons) and production director services via 100.3 WHEB and ROCK 101 in Portsmouth/Manchester NH for three years before coming here to Binnie Media/1063 The Bone in 2015. I am the Production Director for our Binnie Media NH cluster of radio stations and of course an "on air dude". I have produced and written 1,000's of commercials and live for the creative fun it brings.

I dig downhill Mt. biking as well as getting my Jeep Wrangler muddy. I love listening to my vinyl, and I especially love spending time with my lovely (educator) wife Leslie, picking and collecting vintage goods & clothes and helping her raise her beautiful daughters. (Yep, I'm a step-Pop) I like cars and guitars. I am primarily a Hard Rock/Hardcore/Metal/Punk fan. Open to all genres. Music fkn Rules!

Now I am here, "lighting up the Bone" nights.

Thanks for reading and for listening! - Haze

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